HP Envy 4520 not printing Window 10, Mac and Mobile

HP Envy 4520 not printing Laptop with windows 10, Mac and Mobile

This is one of the most common issues occurred in HP Printers, even HP envy is also one of those versions which is highly affected by these kinds of printing issue. One of the customer Jon Loomer from California, USA contact with our HP Printer Customer Support and explained his issue as shown below:

I have HP envy 4520 printer which I have purchased in 2016. It is working well on my Computer but As I am using HP Laptop with Windows 10(64-bit), it won’t print. I have done installation and re-installation several times, and unplugged everything and fresh start many times, but nothing is working for me. Please help me!

Affected Product – HP Envy 4520

Affected OS – Windows 10 (64-bit)


Solution – Fixing connection between Laptop and Printer using HP Scan Doctor


As this issue is with your laptop and HP Envy 4520, however, it works fine with the computer. So, you need to resolve connection issue between HP printer and Your Computer. For that, you can use HP Scan doctor if it does not resolve or you are facing problem in resolving this issue you can call to Our Independent HP Printer technical Support  Number – +1-870-345-4333.


  1. You have dually check whether your HP envy 4520 printer is On and connected to your Laptop.

  2. After ensuring, download HP Scan Doctor, and then follow the on-screen instructions.

  3. After appearing Welcome screen, You have to click Start to view a list of available printers.

  4. Locate your Printer i.e HP Envy 4520, Select and Click Next.
    If your hp printer is not listed or a connection problem is still coming, then click My product is not listed or select your connection type, follow the on-screen instructions, and then click Retry. If problem still persist, You can call to Our Independent HP Customer Service Phone  Number – +1-870-345-4333.
    hp envy 4520 not printing windows 10

  5. You need to Click either Fix Scanning or Fix Printing.
    hp envy 4520 not printing

  6. You need to review the list of test results, and then fix any problem found.

    If you see a checkmark, the your HP ENVY 4520 printer passed the Scan test.
    If you see a wrench, HP Print and Scan Doctor found an issue and you need to repaired it.
    If you see an exclamation point, the HP Scan doctor failed and required user action, but the step was skipped.
    If you see an X, then you need to follow the on-screen instructions to fix the printing problem.
    HP envy 4520 not printing anything

It doesn’t resolve your hp envy 4520, not printing,  then you have to go for complete root-level uninstallation by following steps.

  • You need to uninstall the printer from “Program and Features”. For that you need to Window’s start menu, If you have Window 10 then you can simply type program and features in the search box (Be aware to disconnect printer during uninstallation process)

  • Look into device manager, if the HP Envy 4520 printer is listed there, please delete it. (You need to right click on the Windows button to access device manager)

  • You need to Go to devices and printers, select any printer listed there and you will get some options on the top.

  • Then after, Click on print server properties.

  • A  popup will appear,  then click on the drivers tab and delete all the HP printer drivers listed in the list there if any.

  • You need to delete all the instances of your HP printer listed in devices and printers.

  • Reboot your System.

  • Once the Laptop is on the desktop, You need to press Win + R, it would bring a Run dialog box,

  • Then after you need to type  %temp% in the run box and then Click OK and HIT Enter to delete temporary files. As shown in video below
    [Prepare a widow to remove temporary files]

  • If possible, try deleting HP printer from the registries using Regedit or by using any other third party application.

  • You need to Ignore the Regedit option if it cannot be done.

  • Now, Restart your Laptop.

  • Then download the latest full feature driver https://support.hp.com/us-en/drivers/selfservice/hp-envy-4520-all-in-one-printer-series/5447920/mode… and install it on the computer after selecting the correct operating system in your case it’s windows 10.

If you are facing any issue in installing HP Printer driver for HP Envy 4520, Just call directly Independent HP Envy 4520 Customer Support +1-870-345-4333

HP envy 4520 does not print Wirelessly from Laptop or Mobile Phone

If you are having an issue with your Laptop and Mobile phone like iPhone then you should give some solution for a try.


Let’s start with the possible solution.


Solution – 1 Hard reset to you HP Printer

  1. You need to turn on your printer, if it’s not.

  2. Be calm and wait until the printer is idle and get silent before you continue further.

  3. With the printer turned on, you need to disconnect the printer’s power cord from the rear of the HP printer.

  4. You need to unplug the power cord from the power outlet.

  5. Now, Wait at least for 60 seconds

  6. Now, Plug the power cord back into the power wall outlet.  Now, Turn on the printer if needed.

HP envy 4520 not connecting to mac

One of the issue reported by louis little from Arkansas, USA. He is having trouble connecting my HP envy 4520  printer to my macbook Air (macOS 10.12 Sierra). The HP Printer doesn’t even displays Easy Start menu or when he tried to add it to the Printer and Scanners section in System Preferences.  


Solution – macOS 10.12 Sierra: Adding a printer using IP address

  1. Go to front panel of the printer HP envy 4520
    hp envy 4520 not connecting to mac

  2. Now, Touch on Blue Wireless icon. hp envy 4520 not printing mac

  3. You will see a Wireless summary. Adding a printer using IP address
    You can see IP address or even you can print details, So that you can add printer using IP address.

  4. Open your Launch Pad and Go to System Preferences. As shown in picture below. hp envy 4520 does not print wirelessly from laptop or mobile phone

  5. Now, Select System Preferences –> Printers and Scanners. As shown in picture

  6. Using IP address Copied above, Select + sign as shown in Picture belowhp envy 4520 not printing mac

  7. After Popup window, Click on IP and Enter  IP Address. As shown in Picture below  and wait till gathering printer information.hp envy 4520 not connecting to mac

  8. And Give Name to the printer as shown in Picture below  and then click on Add option. hp envy 4520 not printing mac


I hope these solutions will help you a lot, If you still facing any issues and your hp envy 4520 not printing anything then please Call – 870-345-4333 (Toll-Free) for Instant HP envy 4520 setup Support.

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